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Meeting Dates & Times

The Caloosa Board of Directors meets every other month (January, March, May, July, September, November), the third Thursday at the Pavilion at 7:00pm.

Equestrain Committee Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Pavilion at 7:00pm.


Caloosa Equestrian Park General Rules & Waiver Downloads

Caloosa Park Rules Final as of 08-11-2016 | Caloosa Waiver and Release bifold 11 by 17.pdf

Caloosa Equestrian Tags and Waivers for 2016

Attention Caloosa Residents: The BOD has approved the following “Caloosa Waiver” (link below) that includes ALL existing and new Caloosa residents with horses, boarders and/or trainers to continue to protect our community. This includes people that have already filled out and signed the old waiver dated 2011.

Please fill out this new BOD approved downloadable waiver and return it to Mark by…
• Email: Mark@Loewenberg.net
• Fax: 561-282-0876
• Phone: 561-214-0370

Equestrian Release Form (*update with new waiver attached)
Mark can come and collect your form(s) in exchange for your complimentary riding tag(s). This information provides the community with the details to communicate important information that directly impacts equestrians in Caloosa.
If you have any questions, please call or feel free to come to Caloosa's Equestrian meetings which occur the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm at our Pavilion.

Please note that "common areas" includes Caloosa Park and all easements. If you have any questions, please call Mark Loewenberg: 561-214-0370

August 2016


Approaching Horse & Rider • Courtesy & Safety

Caloosa Courtesy Reminder - Vehicle Approaching An Animal

Caloosa is a wonderful community where residents can enjoy the out of doors life style and many residents enjoy riding horses or walking their dogs along the roadway easements. To help ensure the safety of our residents and their animals please note the Florida Statute below:

Florida Statute 316.0825 Vehicle Approaching an Animal
Every person operating a motor vehicle shall use reasonable care when approaching or passing a person who is riding or leading an animal upon a roadway or the shoulder thereof, and shall not intentionally startle or injure such an animal. A violation of this section is a noncriminal traffic infraction, punishable as a moving violation as provided in chapter 318.

Posted 5/27/15


Caution Alligator Season

As we enter into the active alligator season please use caution when you, your children or your pets are anywhere near the canals. The licensed trapper for the Caloosa area has recently removed five gators over 5' long and one over 7'.

You may see the trapper working at night because it is easier to find the gators by using a spot light because their eyes reflect the light. The trapper should always be in a marked vehicle when in the community.

Alligator Trapper
Chuck Mitzelfeld: 561-722-7958

King's Management Services
Phone: (561) 262-6848
Fax: (562) 627-1247

Updated 12/3/15


Palm Beach County Tax Collector Information


Caloosa Community Photos at Shutterfly

If you wish to stay apprised on Caloosa photo galleries, Debbie Crisp has set up an area at Shutterfy for Caloosa Community Photos.

Caloosa Directory 2014

Available for download


It is strongly recommended that you educate your children regarding the dangers of rabies, be mindful or your surroundings, and use extreme caution around any wild animals within the community and surrounding areas.

Also, please make sure your pets are vaccinated against rabies.

Click here for more information…

Caloosa Hurricane Information

For those who don't remember and for new residents, it is important to know that during a hurricane, Caloosa must be totally self-sufficient. We have no police, fire, or ambulance services available.

CERT members will be available after the storm passes to check on residents' well-being.

In addition, the First Responder Team will be available during the storm for any and all needs that involve life-threatening situations to people and animals. This is only available during EXTREMELY SERIOUS CONDITIONS.

After the storm, if you see any downed power lines, trees on power lines, and/or any other serious damage, call King's Management at (561) 262-6848.

It has been arranged with the Shell Station to leave the first pump to the left of the building on and available to Caloosa residents after hours with the use of a credit card. This will avoid waiting in long lines when the station is open to the public.

For emergencies, please call Carl on his cell phone which is listed below.

Carl L. Creedon
First Responder Team
Cell: (561) 379-6300

Equestrian Update

Caloosa Equestrian Chair and CPOA Board of Directors

Equestrian ID Tags & Updated Release Forms

ID tags for equestrian use of the park are required. Release forms must be signed and returned to Caloosa:

To avoid inconvenience, please provide a signed release for each tag you are requesting for an owners, boarder or trainer. Or you can pickup a new release form from the box in the pavilion.

Boarding Barns

Please return the releases with your annual barn fee: $50. with volunteer hours; $100. without volunteer hours. Mail the signed releases/fee to: Mark at 13562 Running Water Road.

Newcomers to Caloosa

The ID tag program was enacted in the Fall of 2010. The following excerpt from the October, 2010 equestrian meeting minutes explains the when/why of the program.

When? Plan goes into effect on January 1, 2011. Once implemented, the sheriff will be notified. Those not wearing ID tags risk trespassing charges.

Why? Attempt to reduce POA exposure to liability - Prevent/minimize damage to POA community and equestrian property - Identify/monitor riders using Caloosa private property.

Use of Sand Riding Arenas

The committee has requested repeatedly that there be no lunging or running of loose horses, or barrel racing in the sand arenas. The rings were not designed for these and other "extreme" equestrian activities. They tear up the footing and we do not have the funds to continually groom or repair the base. Signs are posted at the entries to the rings as reminders. There is a paddock next to the (large) Mullaney Ring that you may use for lunging.

It would be unfortunate, but we may be forced to lock the rings against misuse, or for non-compliance to the ID badge program.

Please contact Mark Loewenberg with any questions:

Phone: 561-214-0370
Email: Mark@Loewenberg.net with any questions

Updated 6/10/15


Other Equestrian News

Palm Beach International Equestrian Center

Wellington, FL - April 1, 2012 - Riders at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center should be aware of the impending rule change that goes into effect today, that will call for mandatory helmets for anyone on horseback on the property… See Press Release from April 1, 2012

Caloosa Equestrian Park General Rules

The use of the Caloosa Horse Park is restricted to residents and guests, as those terms are defined at page 27 of the Board Rules and Regulations of Caloosa (attached hereto and made a part hereof). Unless otherwise permitted, the Caloosa Horse Park is open for use from dawn to dusk.

All horse riders at the Caloosa Horse Park MUST WEAR HELMETS at all times.

ID TAGS must be worn/displayed by owners, boarders and trainers of Caloosa owners’ horses while riding in the Park. Contact the Equestrian Committee or management for details. Obtaining a tag for yourself and/or your boarders will require a signed release of liability from each person requesting an ID tag. Unidentified riders run the risk of trespassing charges.

All guests using the Caloosa Horse Park not in the company of the resident must be registered with the Secretary of Caloosa and must have on file a Caloosa Waiver of Liability with the Secretary. (See Article III, para. 2, Caloosa Bylaws.)

Each Boarding Barn in Caloosa must pay $50.00 per year per barn , payable Jan. 1, to the Caloosa Equestrian Committee AND donate volunteers hours to the Equestrian Committee, OR pay $100.00 per year with no volunteer hours. All Boarding barns must comply with the notification provisions of “guests” to the Secretary of Caloosa. All boarding barns must secure waivers from their clients and trainers and file the same with the Secretary of Caloosa on the first of January each
year with emergency contact numbers.

The grass paddocks at the Park are for the general use of all residents as temporary containment of horses or for riding as permitted. The paddocks are not to be used for general grazing by anyone. NO LUNGING OF HORSES IN ANY RING. Use paddocks for lunging.

Non-residents using the Horse Park for trailering in horses so as to ride with a resident, must pay $10.00 to the Caloosa Equestrian Committee for trailer parking. This is an HONOR SYSTEM collection. The resident is to collect the $10.00 and remit to the Equestrian Committee Chair.

Every rider using the Caloosa Horse Park must sign and file a waiver of liability form with the Secretary of Caloosa.

Each rider in the Park or common areas must be able to produce negative Coggins proof for his/her horse upon request.

Equestrian Events

The promoter of any equestrian event held in the Caloosa Horse Park or on Caloosa common property must have written permission, in the form of a permit, from the Caloosa Equestrian Committee and the Caloosa Board for such event. Permit fees AND participant fees will be assessed and paid in accordance with the following rules. Fees are subject to increase at the discretion of the equestrian committee. The event promoter must collect the fees and give them to the Chair of the equestrian committee. The monies collected by the committee are to be used for maintenance of the Equestrian Park, including the rings and jumps and footing.

Permission to use the Park for an equestrian event (the permit) must be secured at least thirty (30) days prior to the event. The Promoter is responsible for securing proof of liability insurance ten days prior to the event and collecting signed liability waivers.

Each of the following events or activities is required to be permitted:

Clinic: A clinic is a pre-approved planned event in which an equestrian professional provides an educational session which is advertised and limited to a predetermined number of participants. The clinic promoter is required to pay the Caloosa equestrian committee a $20.00 non-refundable permit fee. In addition, the promoter must pay the committee the greater of $75.00 or $15.00 per participant for the use of one ring.

Demonstration: An event in which an equestrian professional shows a product, activity or service. There is no fee if the promoter is invited to the equestrian meeting for the demonstration. Otherwise, the demonstrator must pay a non-refundable $ 20.00 permit fee and $75.00 to use a ring or the pavilion.

Lesson: A lesson is defined as an unadvertised training session in which a paid equestrian professional is using the Caloosa Horse Park or common areas or easements for training. There is no fee for Caloosa residents, boarders or the trainer. An outside rider, participating with the permission of a resident, must pay a fee of $10.00 to the equestrian committee and sign and file a liability waiver and produce a negative Coggins. This is an HONOR SYSTEM. The resident should collect the money and waiver and give them to the equestrian committee.

SHOW: A show is an advertised event to which residents and non-residents are invited. Shows are competitive, judged events. The show promoter must pay a $20.00 non-refundable permit fee. The show promoter must collect a $15.00 participant fee per rider or pay $75.00 for the use of the cross country course (if used) and for each ring used, whichever fee is greater. The promoter may charge additional fees per class or office fees. These additional fees may be kept by the promoter.

Camping: A fee of $20.00 per horse will be collected by the promoter to be turned over to the Caloosa Equestrian Committee.

Parades and Benefit Rides: Planned advertised event involving the opportunity for nonequestrians to participate or view equestrian activities or rides for charity. A non-refundable $20.00 permit fee will apply to a non-equestrian committee sponsored event. No participant fees will be charged for parades or recognized charitable benefit rides.

The Caloosa Board may require Emergency Personnel at equestrian events.

All Permit fees and $75.00 fees are due upon application for the permit. The $75.00 fee is refundable in the event that the planned show or clinic is cancelled. A final accounting shall be made and paid on the last day of the event to the equestrian committee Chair or designee.

Download Caloosa Park Rules:

Caloosa Park Rules 2011

Download Release Forms:


Caloosa CERT Hurricane Instructions

Hurricane Instructions - by Carl Creedon

Mosquito Control: (561) 967-6480

Due to funding cut backs the County is not planning on spraying as often as they usually do each year. However, the more residents that call and complain the more likely it is that they will spray our area.

Please call!

Caloosa Deputy

Contact Info

ICE LogoICE: In Case of Emergency

Caloosa residents are encouraged to sign up with the ICE (In Case of Emergency) Program in Palm Beach County.

Visit ICE Website | Download Brochure | View Brochure Online (Note: Large File)

"Whether you are alone, a small family or large community/business, there are plenty of options available here to help yourself and others become better prepared..." Read more at the ICE Website

Pine Bark Beetles

Helpful Info

Call Before Digging
Sunshine State One Call of Florida, Inc.: 1-800-432-4770

Whether you are a private homeowner installing a mailbox, or a professional contractor digging up a city street, you are required by law to notify your local One Call utility notification center 48 to 72 hours prior to digging.

Garbage Pickup

Download/View PDF with Guidelines
Provided by Solid Waste Authority (March 2007)

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